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Live, Meditative, Tricky, Warm, Spiced, Trippy - that's all about his sound
This music inspired by sounds with soul and energy, whatever it could be: Weird acoustic Instruments, guitars and drums recorded together with band, field recordings, processing of images and transforming them to sounds. Mixture of electronic music with organic sounds is a basis of his work.
Serge begin his career in 2006 as a dj, but after some time he understood that he would like to go deeper and to learn synthesisers and machines and expand electronic music landscape with his own sounds and share it with the world. At 2015 he’ve been graduated in electronic music college in Denmark and begin to produce his own brand of techno. Currently he already played his Live in many different parties and festivals in Ukraine and abroad. He developed his own unique way of playing live, using mostly hardware synths including some rare soviet gear from 80s. Also last year he’ve been a member of psychedelic rock band, which was unique experience and definitely gave him inspiration for future work, and he knows how to bring the audience not just to the dance floor but to the musical journey.

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