And... cut! Give it up for the first documentary movie about Nyzhnoiurkivska, 31.

And... cut! Give it up for the first documentary movie about Nyzhnoiurkivska, 31.
Photo by: Rakhanova Lyubov

Short documentary RENOVATION was presented in the club Otel’ on November 14. Artishok TV team brought together the community to see and discuss the movie (or film, I don't know). The music played on the event and used in the movie was from local sound producers Sider and Alex P.

RENOVATION is the insight into the very heart of Kyiv’s clubbing life. This is the story about the regeneration of an abandoned factory into the main gathering scene of Ukrainian youth and foreign tourists.

How the idea was born?

Gradually Kyiv is becoming one of the most popular directions in underground clubbing tourism. Yet how many foreigners and other Ukrainian citizens don’t know that Kyiv’s clubbing scene is now experiencing the Renaissance. That is why ArtiSHOK TV team made a special project R E N O V A T I O N, which is going to explore center of electronic music and bohemian life of former factory from the inside to answer the question: what is the phenomenon behind this space?

Following project will consist of several parts. All of them will be devoted to initiatives, that are implemented within the walls of Nyzhnoiurkivska, 31. The first episode is about origins behind Otel’ club, showroom 24 store, Metacukture space and Strichka festival 2019.

Enjoy watching!

The music used in this film was developed by Ukrainian sound producers only, namely:

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