Open Call: Eastern European Music Academy

Open Call: Eastern European Music Academy

An independent initiative Music Export Ukraine in partnership with the Lithuanian artist management company and the label MONOKEY announce an open call for the very first Eastern European Music Academy. This opportunity is totally free and open to artists and music managers from 8 Eastern European countries.

Candidates are invited to submit their application for the Eastern European Music Academy, which will take place online, hosting students and mentors from 8 Eastern European countries (Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Belarus) during August-October 2020. The Academy will unite a selection of 50 students — musicians and managers, who will study and work together every weekend. The main focus of the Academy is the digitalization of non-academic music and collaboration between talents from the whole region.

Eastern European Music Academy is the first educational and networking project aiming to unite the whole region. It is crucial for musicians and their managers, who want to overcome the live-industry crisis by diving into income generation opportunities for the music business in current realities. Besides, it will create a community of like-minded people, who seek to expand their operations to the whole Eastern European region.

Mentors of the Academy will be chosen from the eminent professionals from all over Europe who have experience working with major labels, successfully developing their own music business, or are the first contact to enter international unions and music associations.

After the Academy graduation, students are expected to:

  • have experience to collaborate, write music and build promo strategy along with the colleagues from the whole region;
  • expand their contacts in Eastern Europe to continue prospective collaboration;
  • get the toolbox of tips and tricks on how an artist can earn money now, when the live-industry is not an option;
  • have a music release under the Lithuanian label MONOKEY.

Participation in the Academy is free of charge but one has to demonstrate a strong motivation for study, present a short-term plan on how he/she will implement the new knowledge, and be open to collaborate with peers. Fluent English is essential. Students are expected to spend 5-6 hours a week on educational and practical commitments.

The deadline for the applications is the 22nd of July, 2020 (11 PM GMT+3). All 50 successful applicants will be notified of the selection’s results on the 27th of July.

Eastern European Music Academy is supported by the European Union under the House of Europe programme.


  • Video announcement:

Organizers of the Eastern European Music Academy:

Music Export Ukraine is an independent initiative, which helps Ukrainian musicians to build an international career, expand their network and qualifications, and develop the local music industry from the insight.

MONOKEY is an artist management company and record label based in Vilnius, Lithuania, which believes in 360° approach to music business. Valuing individuality and creative freedom, they aim for the top quality in every project they doю

Partnering organizers of the Eastern European Music Academy:

Tak Brzmi Miasto (Poland) showcase and conference in Krakow as well as music incubator and festival which promotes the careers of 150 artists, managers and associations in the cities of Poland.

Budapest Showcase Hub (Hungary) aka BUSH is a yearly Music Showcase festival and conference in Budapest that features upcoming musicians from all over Eastern-Europe to showcase their music for the international and regional professional public.

Music Export Latvia (Latvia) also called Latvian Music Development Association / Latvian Music Export Office was founded in 2012 and since then has been expanding both in the local and international level. It educates and promotes local music representatives internationally.

Mastering the Music Business (Romania) is the leading music conference and showcase festival in Romania. It is dedicated to all independent artists and professionals in the music industry. At MMB, key professionals from the local & international music business and related industries come together to discuss various relevant topics.

Music Estonia (Estonia) is a music industry development center and export office in Estonia. With the aim to develop Estonian music industry into a profitable and innovative sector that exports its services, products and trademarks worldwide. Main activities include providing a unified marketing platform for local music businesses and representing them at sector events globally

Mediacube (Belarus) is an international YouTube multi-channel network with 2 thousand channels from 68 countries in it, generating 4 billion views monthly. Working with bloggers, musicians, and labels the company helps to protect, monetize, and boost music and video content on the YouTube platform.

Technical partner:

Pibox – is an online music collaboration platform for music creators that allows sharing, discussing, and organizing tracks all in one secured place. Pibox is built to abstract away a world of complexity for the user while providing a rock-solid platform across which music industry professionals can communicate about their product and work together to perfect it.


Eastern European Music Academy 2020

Sat 01 Aug 10:00 - Fri 14 Aug 22:00

Recently, we shared the news about the study of the music industry in Ukraine.

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