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Sat 10 Mar 23:00-07:00

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₴ 5 - 100


Хорошо, всегда Сечевых Стрельцов, 21



(066) 843-46-56

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APLAY present :

-James Trystan (UK) [Suara / Bedrock]

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Exit - 100uah (face control )

Start - 23:00

Sichovykh Streltsov St., 21, Kiev


The dawn of 2018 sees one of the underground’s most entrepreneurial artists, further confirm his position

as one of the most exciting and characterful exponents of deep and emotive techno.

After killer releases on Bedrock and Suara - that have remained staples in many A-lister’s sets over the

past couple of years - James Trystan has continued to pick up key, influential fans throughout 2017,

resulting in alignment with yet more tastemaker label talent. A huge EP on Sascha Braemer’s evergreen

What I Play was followed by an incredible collab with London’s Barber on the enigmatic Flashmob. The

result being ‘Black Magic’ - a full-bodied, rolling, tech-house beast that slayed Ibiza all Summer. And a

beautiful widescreen epic by the name of ‘The Way Back’ Aptly saw in the Autumn, gracing Amsterdam’s

highly influential Click Records.

The year has also been highly significant for Trystan on the live front. Not only does he continue to build

significant fanbases in much talked about hot spots like Ukraine, Kuala Lumpur, Koh Phangan, Bangkok,

Bali, Singapore and the US through his own expertly curated sets; his now scene-wide reputation as an

unrivalled self-starter when it comes to carving out opportunities on the DJ front, has spurred him on to

create his very own touring agency - Flow. Only a few months in and James can already count the likes of

Animal Picnic, Djuma Soundsytem, Luigi Rocca, Manuel Del La Mare & Aaryon as staple members of the


And this passion for collaborating with artists is always at the heart of what James does. As well as

continued work with long time partner Rory Gallagher and more recent studio ally, Neil Barber - James has

begun a new and already very fruitful partnership with hotley-tipped producer Third Son; one that looks to

be a very fitting meeting of minds and a certain new hotbed for Trystan bombs throughout 2018.

But perhaps most exciting is the news of a soon to be revealed Trystan penned imprint. After finishing his

most recent cut - ‘Delirium’ - which is being supported by a whole new raft of scene leaders like the likes of

Mano Le Tough, Jacques Renault and Ame - the realisation came that a unique spring-board for his ever-

evolving, yet uncompromising sound was the only way forward to keep him fully juiced and showcase the

full compliment of his talents.

Exit - 100ua

Face control

Start - 23:00






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