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Sat 19 Jun 21:00-18:00
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In light of the well-known events that have engulfed our country and the world, today we need to rethink a lot, reconsider our views, principles and just learn to live differently.

In this huge amount of what is happening around us, a small but very important part of our lives have been and will be concerts, parties and festivals. But when life and health are at stake, such things obviously fade into the background.

In these circumstances, we made an unequivocal but very difficult decision to release the Ostrov festival until next year.

We are very sorry that we did not have time to show you and implement all our ideas, plans and developments. We did a lot of work, because it takes almost a year to prepare for the festival and it is very difficult to stop it all just a few months before. We have signed more than 40 artists, but did not have time to reveal this wonderful line-up and, unfortunately, we will not be able to meet, as we have met every year for many years.

But, we do all this for the sake of more than just a festival. All this to make us all stronger and healthier.

By releasing Ostrov in 2021, he will become even more valuable to us and we will miss him even more. We will keep everything that was done in preparation for this year and, of course, we will have time to fill it with even more ideas.

We are grateful to you all for many years of support, loyalty and love, and we believe that during this time we will only increase these feelings.

We want to thank those who bought tickets to the festival at the very beginning. This is another proof of our mutual friendship.
All tickets remain active and do not need to be replaced. We will be grateful if you come with them to the festival in 2021, and they will be a nice investment in next year, which will definitely be better than this.

If you want to return your ticket, please write to us at

See you!
Team qievdance and Ostrov Festival.

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