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Clauser has long had his own music studio. Residents, their musician friends and just friends come together there in different compositions. There was born a lot of unusual music, the usual even more, but it does not count. In addition, some artists close to Clauser have their own personal studios, where music is also born that you want to listen to and don't want to describe in words. As a logical step, we decided to collect the most interesting of the unusual, and the most unusual of the dance songs and release them on our own label. On our birthday, the sixth anniversary of the art center, we are launching the Clommunity label. Like everything in Close, the publisher does not pursue any philosophy, sound, genres and goals. Simple pampering in the studio, even if it is often associated with melancholy and emotional experiences, is what attracts the most.

The first release was written several years ago by Timur and Lesha Savage. You could already hear these songs more than once on the dance floor from them, and now you can purchase a vinyl record. We and they are happy about this.

The cover of each release is prepared / drawn by the artists themselves. Ahead of releases from Spekulant, yone-ko, Timur Basha, Alex Savage.

And here's another cool phrase on the label's soundcloud: closer to yourself, away from community.


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