st. Nizhniurkovskaya, 31, Kyiv

About the place

24:00 - the only conceptual store of designer clothes and accessories in Kiev, working during the day and night on weekends.

Our story began a long time ago, but finally came true on August 9, 2014 in one of the buildings of the Lentotkatsky factory, where we are adjacent to the famous Closer art center. Largely thanks to his appearance, we were able to realize the idea of ​​a night showroom. The place and time of work was not randomly chosen by us, since the 24:00 audience is creative people with good taste who love art, music and fashion. In addition, one of the doors at 24:00 leads to "LadaSad" - a cozy place on a wooded slope, where they know a lot about the tea ceremony.

At 24:00, men's and women's clothing is presented: T-shirts, dresses, overalls, long sleeves, trousers, outerwear and much more. There is also a separate corner for perfumes, jewelry, bags and accessories.
At the moment we have presented Ukrainian clothing brands Mari Mir, Nat Latkina, Dastish Fantastish, Pryanik, Uberlove Bredikhina, Emmakova, Nat Latkina, Little Fire, Act1, Metrique, Black limit, Basic form, Muse, Unicorn valley, Lovers, Alena Tumko , Kasatkin, Midnight45, Askotaksist, Bodyfiction, Naydonov, Fresh cut, Dr martins, Keep, Paco, Litt, Happy socks, Dan hotos
We are located at ul. Nizhneyurkovskaya 31, 2nd floor, Closer (door to the right)

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