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[Art Studio Passage or the story of the beginning]
Once upon a time there were Roma da Dima, who were unaware of anything
gathered Lviv coffee to taste ☕, yes strudel to eat (with cherries, if the taste is good)
and they only decided to fulfill their plan, how come nowhere!
The messenger jumped up, with a curious offer, he said -
“I have an enviable room, honestly you haven’t seen such a thing, not mansions, but a DREAM” - this is how it turned out, because learned messengers for centuries can lose their heads for bad news.
Without missing a chance, the guys scribbled together a contract, and proceeded to work actively.
For they planned to create an Art Studio of an unprecedented format today.
Whatever imperial receptions (with drinks and mistresses) took place, and important speeches flowed on urgent and high topics, creativity blossomed and smelled, in general, a feast for the whole world and any taste.
Do you want to work, do you want to relax.
Having crushed the remnants of a past era unsightly with wallpaper, changes began, with fashion ideas and a buzzing buzz.
They found an ally of Nikita in their difficult affairs.
They created a strategy for how to win the hearts of ❤ Lviv residents, with a variety of spoiled ones.
Work is boiling, but it is seething, and then it will be ...

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Sat 14 May 22:00

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natalia kisa

Якщо ви хочете провести святкування тільки в своїй компанії в стилі вечірки то раджу вам простір LOFT .
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ira smoliar

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Stan Fedyuk

Great place for your photoshoot ;)
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Mykola Mamrych

Great service... Thanks!
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