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ул. Парковая дорога, 16

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Upcoming events in CHI by Decadence House

In two days

Carlita (Bespoke Music / Lump Records, USA) comes to CHI

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Fri 19 Jul 23:00-06:00
In three days

Crazy P (live, UK) comes to CHI

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Sat 20 Jul 23:59-06:00



About the place

Decadance House

Decadance House

Чувственность и жажда удовольствия, музыка и любовь, беззаботность и новые впечатления, желание жить сегодня и сейчас. Все это делает гостей нашего клуба настоящими декадентами. Не бойтесь своих желаний, не стесняйтесь самовыражаться и наслаждаться весельем!

«C H I» - это и ресторан, работающий 7 дней в неделю, и в то же время «party place» с большой летней террасой, с которой открывается роскошный вид на Днепр и Левый берег Киева.

Кухня «C H I» будет основана на традициях Юго-Восточной Азии, Индии, Китая и адаптирована под европейские вкусы. Мы пригласили сотрудничать с нами поваров из разных стран этих регионов, а возглавлять кухню будет Junyi Yang, в послужном списке которого работа в знаменитом Hakkasan (Лондон).

Радовать вас коктейлями будет микcолог из Лондона Каролис Урбонавичус. Он работал в таких культовых барах как Chiltern Firehouse, Mr.Fogg’s, где гостями были Ума Турман, Кейт Мосс, Наоми Кэмпбелл и другие знаменитости.

Посетив «C H I» вечером или ночью по пятницам и субботам, вы сможете оказаться на концерте, live show или экстравагантных вечеринках от Decadencе House, знаменитых своей позитивной энергетикой и разнообразием! Уже несколько лет эти party собирают вместе молодых и взрослых современных людей, которые любят электронную музыку.

Качественные мероприятия невозможны без хорошего звука. Этому вопросу мы уделили особое внимание и поставили одну из лучших в мире акустических систем для клубов - D&B Audiotechnik, комфортное и теплое звучание которой не имеет аналогов.

«C H I» is both a restaurant and a party place with a big summer terrace opening onto an amazing view of the Dnepr river and the left bank of Kyiv. «C H I» will be open 7 days a week.

The menu is inspired by the traditions of Southeast Asia, India and China; adapted to European tastes. We have gathered a team of chef’s originating from these cultures who will be led in the kitchen by Junyi Yang, a celebrated chef having worked for Hakkasan (London).

Our mixologist Karolis Urbonavicius will delight your senses with his signature cocktails. Karolis joins us from a reputable roster of cult London bars such as Chiltern Firehouse & Mr. Fogg’s, who have hosted the likes of Uma Thurman, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell among other icons.

On Fridays and Saturdays, at «C H I», you may experience a live show or concert, or an extravagant event from Decadence House, famous for its one of a kind parties and showcasing of electronic music.

The venue would not be complete without the ultimate sound system. Our team handpicked one of the best nightclub sound systems in the world; D&B Audiotechnik, a unparalleled sound.

«C H I» located on the 3rd floor of Business Center “Parkovyy”, Parkova Road 16. Parking for «C H I» available at the road level in front of the Business Center as well as at the lower level around the building itself. At the busiest times, our guests will have access to valet parking as well.

Past events

Portraits with Black Coffee in CHI

Fri 15 Mar 23:00-07:00

CHI 3 Years Birthday with Kölsch (Kompakt, Denmark)

Fri 12 Jul 23:00-06:00

IORIE (live & dj set, Germany) - Runov - Deenara in CHI

Sat 13 Jul 23:59-06:00

Review 5

Vitaliy Burmistrov

Georgeus place! Exquisite public! Favorite place in Kiev) Decadence ruling!
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Volodymyr Svydenko

Glamour place. Disco, bar, nice view to the river
Information taken from

viki viki

Place full of foreigners, golddiggers and prostitutes. Great music depend of the day but little dance floor to dance. People smoke inside so at some parts of the club not possible to breathe. Cocktails are good, a bit over priced. To order a table cost like you're in Cavalli in Ibiza. Face control is awful. The bold gay guy at the entrance will look at you like a nazi and will not let you in if he will think you're not good enough for the club. Not friendly, awful attitude, judgeful, it's disgusting just to see how he look at people. On a Halloween night he didn't let in a well known international model (they let in all the cheap girls, girls looking like a prostitutes but not the one whose face you can see in every big airport, in every worldwide capital). Other time they don't let in a one of the most important man in a fashion business, who have been a guest of mine, because he was wearing shoes of the brand security guy probably didn't knew but cost 1000€. They don't recognize important and famous people there unless you're a b*tch wearing fur, fake Chanel bag and have fake eyelashes, lips and 12 cm higheels. The most disgusting place to see - young women looking for men who will pay for sex and men looking for this young women. This place pretend to be chic and fashionable but in reality it's far to be even close to the most cool clubs of the world (a part prices. Prices are quite close like in Europe).
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Rain Brown

5 Stars for club, -3 stars for all those rich idiots which play fools outside of the club and inside. Such idiots srsly.
Information taken from

Levent Keser

Been there for halloween party. Nice service, nice music, nice crowd.
Information taken from

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