st. Armenian, 35, Lviv

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Jiga Art Center consists of a contemporary art gallery and a concept cafe.
The mission of the art center is to develop contemporary art.
Jiga declares a search for sophisticated and up-to-date art practices.
Jiga Art Center is an experimental venue for young artists and an open space for learning about art.
We strive to be a thought provoking, open-minded environment. We hope that you will join the knowledge of art, ideas and issues of our time.

Past events

Thu 31 Dec 23:00-06:00

Review 5

Dmitrij Paškevič

Loved this place. Especially great when the bands are playing in the evening. Staff is attentive and friendly. My only "eek" is the fact that the food is served in cans and it looks like cat food. Edgy but looks a bit weird and doesn't go well with the rest of the vibe tbh.
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Koen Vanduffel

A very special atmosphere with a cute terras squeezed between the buildings it is ideal for a late summer evening as there is no wind and it doesn't come down early. The food are mostly traditional/historic dishes which is great to experience.
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Andrew Bilukha

This is an iconic artsy coffee and food venue, mostly unknown (thank God) by tourists, and therefore not overcrowded. Always good coffee and great atmosphere and decor, it's frequented by artsy locals and wannabes.
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Andrew Schultz

I love this place, so many little areas you can sit and enjoy a drink. There’s two levels and an outdoor area for smokers. Local beers are good and they have basic dishes and desserts. Great place to come for a group. #BeatTheGrind
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Nata Bak

The menu is very simple, a lot of beer and local liquors in the menu. We had sangria, and a cheese plate. Both were fine
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