EDEN Bar & Rooftop

EDEN Bar & Rooftop

A flowering space on the most beautiful roof of Kiev, filled with music, delicious cocktails, dishes and grandeur. For hedonists and life lovers

Design, architecture and music - this atmosphere is filled every day with the EDEN Bar & Rooftop Garden - a conceptually new urban space on the roof of the Central Department Store. This is a place of meetings, dancing and beautiful people in the very center of Kiev. The Garden of Eden is filled with delicious drinks and food, vivid emotions and the most beautiful panorama of your favorite city.

A friend of the creator of EDEN Bar & Rooftop Garden Serg Proshe * - a world famous architect Karim Rashid * took part in creating a space on the Roof and created a special talisman - an art object that tells about the eternal. This is the symbol of Eden - Ouroboros - a sign of the creation and cyclical nature, which expresses the idea of ​​the original unity. Within the framework of the EDENTICA concept, music and art are combined - to search for identification in something completely new, endless, to know yourself and your capabilities.

The city space with the best panorama of Kiev, music and cocktails is waiting for you every day from 12 noon. Kiev opens a completely new format of day parties on the best Roof!

* Karim Rashid is a world famous designer with more than 2000 developments. His works are presented in 20 permanent exhibitions of museums around the world. Each master’s creation delights, inspires and makes you think. Smooth bends or, on the contrary, strict straight lines, bright, eye-catching color combinations, non-standard solutions - Karim easily and naturally magically affects our emotions and thoughts. He is the designer of the future who is already changing our reality today.

* Serge Proshe is a DJ and producer with over 17 years of experience. His projects are known both in Ukraine and abroad, which is confirmed by The World's Finest Clubs award:
He is the creator of MANTRA Production, Mantra Party Bar | Kiev, REEF Seafood restaurant | Kiev, Mantra Beach Club | Odessa and EDEN Bar & Rooftop Garden | Kiev.

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