st. Nizhneyurkovskaya 31, Kiev

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Lost in woods

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Sat 02 Aug 20:00-23:00

Sat 02 Aug 23:55-06:00

Fri 08 Aug 22:00-06:00

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Roman Kalyuzhny

Best "underground" club in Kyiv, have some interesting djs coming, as well as a variety of different events (art shows and jazz concerts). A friendly crowd (although generally on the young side, 20s). The downside is the bar, drinks quality leaves a lot to be desired.
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Gohar Rubeni

Awesome place, the best club of Kiev! By the way well known club :)
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roby ciri

Extraordinary club. Indeed the best in kyiv. Very good electro music. Good vibes. It's a bit hidden as a location but no problems reaching it with gmaps.
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Viktor Mameshyn

Definitely the best club in Kiev also as one of the best in the world. Amazing atmosphere, great people and fantastic music (techno primarily). Every weekend there are a great parties with guest musicians from all around the world, also as local resident DJs (they are worth to mention especially, because they are so damn good). And last but not least - you have to check this sound quality, no other club has such a great vibes as this one (on my personal opinion) :) Love this place ❤️
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Next to Лесной Причал / Lesnoy Prichal


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