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Imagine a world without the usual standards of beauty. No bright billboards and season trends. Where every day you perceive as festive. In such a world, things are unlikely to be familiar to us. The furniture will not only be of wood, utensils not only of porcelain, ornaments not only of gold and silver, but people with a full heart of love.

Meetings in the evenings will be pointless, and a glass of delicious espresso or cocktail.

In such a world, the things that are done by hands would be most appreciated, and big ideas would be realized through joint efforts.

They would respect old age and cook fresh produce daily. They would know the story exactly there and try to write it down. They would be proud of their heritage and create their own.

One summer we imagined such a world all along walking the hem. And this is the world we decided to call beauty, true beauty.

The Line M Concept is a salon where we will store beauty for you and things made with love.

Review 4

Оксана Рощина

Гарна кав'ярня) тут провдяться щотижня виставки молодих художників, кава смачна, десерти теж на витоті, а ще є акції на устриці щочетверга та грають ді-джейські сети. Дуже атмосферне місце:)
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Sarah Korn

Lovely cafe with great cappuccino and baked goods. Handmade ceramics for sale, as well as other art pieces. Nice place to stop in when walking around Podil
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Yevgen Sysoyev

Vegan food, few very tasteful combinations - soups, salads and sandwiches - all cold dishes. What could be improved is wider choice of dishes and hot dishes in the menu
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Нелли Алексеенко

Влюбилась ♥️ Зайдя внутрь сразу понимаешь что место обустраивали мега-творческие люди и это просто невероятно круто. Посуда, как мне показалось, ручной работы, по стенам картины, полки с фигурками, посудой и маленькими скульптурами. Обрадовал также и латте на ростительном молоке (здесь есть фундуковое!). Заведение небольшое и здесь уже достаточно много людей.. и поскольку заведение только открылось - это просто отличный показатель. Желаю процветания Вам, ребята ????
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