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Hello friends!

#SurfCafe #FreeGen was created by surfers, kitesurfers, wakeboarders and snowboarders, and each of them invested some of his feelings. Our guys plowed all the oceans of the planet and brought from every country, from every island a drop of atmosphere and customs. Here, the whole flavor of the culture, tropical cuisine, LifeStyle, atmosphere and communication format.

Here gather yours on the board!
Stylish lounges, oceanic design will immerse you in the world of warm tropical islands. And surf activity, balance board, kite, snowboard kinekt and so on.

We are on the same wave!!


Every living creature seeks a comfortable living environment. We created it with you.

#FreeGen is an ATMOSPHERIC Surf community of FRIENDS imbued with the philosophy of life-surfing - vibrant, active and creative personalities. The environment of acquaintance and communication of enthusiastic, talented, successful, proactive like-minded people united by the same values ​​and LIFESTYLE. Here everyone is on the board.

Life is a vast ocean of opportunity
- catch your wave
- ride your wave
- always be on the crest of a wave of success
Welcome to the board!

  Our ideology is a conscious choice of our own unique life path, filled with common sense, joy and development. You cannot stop the waves. Surf in life.

 The surf cafe community brings together a new, free generation. People - successful, self-confident, but at the same time able to have fun, know how to create and spend their free time in a fun and profitable way - on the same wavelength.

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   We are students and scientists, musicians and athletes, businessmen and politicians, physicists and lyricists ... but all that unites us is surfing and a philosophy of a positive outlook.

FreeGen is not only an information space with useful tips, articles from opinion leaders and news from the life of Ukraine and the world; it is also an on-line and off-line event for the development of the soul, mind and body. After all, we are the combination of these three hypostases.
You can view the presentation here.

We have extensive experience in organizing and conducting sports, entertainment, tourism, music, educational and other similar projects. A separate and very important area of ​​our activity is charity.
We know the secret of a conscious, rich and vibrant life and are ready to share it with you.

FreeGen - bright life! Join us!

Past events

Halloween Drum and Bass

Fri 01 Nov 23:00-06:00

Twerk Party

Fri 22 Nov 23:00-06:00


Sat 14 Dec 23:00-07:00

Review 4

Igor Marakhov

Good place to grab some beer
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wade anderson

Food was very good at reasonable prices.
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Benedikt Janssen

Delicious food and great design.
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Interesting atmosphere. I loved the theme. Only down side is no English menu.. and the waiters also didn't speak English.
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