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Пт 26 янв 23:00-08:00



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ANKALI Lopuchová 58/6

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A Belgian techno heavyweight is coming to town to play the Archiv Teknologi party along with local dub experts Yan & Chnl and Dash

Van Hoesen has been a regular on the techno circuit for years and while digging back through the impressive catalogue of his music, it is clear why. His immaculately refined tracks invite to a vast space cluttered with unidentified sonic objects that circulate and collide. Van Hoesen's spatial approach to techno somehow aligns with how the genre has morphed in Japan and it is no surprise that he's been a regular guest to the legendary forest festival Labyrinth.

Closing the night will be Alfred Czital & Yan of Harmony, who were the first to systematically introduce dub(ish) techno to local audience and their attentive sets are highlights of what you can hear in Prague these days. Also on the bill is Dash, a resident of DUNA and REM Phase and a go-to name when looking for an impeccable selection of hallucinatory techno.


Peter Van Hoesen



Jan Hrábek




Alfred Czital


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