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L8 PARK ул. Парковая дорога, 16а, Киев



(063) 633-84-43


KHIDI Vakhushti Bagrationi Bridge, Right Embankment

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О событии

Fabrizio Lapiana - the founder of Label Attic Music and one of the most famous figures in the Italian techno scene. The career started in Rome in 1994. It influenced both the romance of Rome and the 90s of Detroit, as well as the first European pioneers of electronic music.

Fabrizio founded her in 2008 at the label Attic Music, which produced more dramas of her own. In addition to the usual deep aesthetics, he presented the listener to the embankment of his own music. His work was emphasized by Max_M's legendary label M_REC LTD, who showed Lapiana's most emotional views on techno music.

His accomplishments in Rome, as well as in other cities and clubs in the world, are the way that Fabrizio will show him the topical music.

Judas aka JUDAIS - Berlin Artist, which is a strong industrial sound. He publishes works on his own Label Judas Records, Arts Collective and Artscore (ARTS sublayers).

Alfredo Mazzilli - Artist from Italy, who started making music at an early age. Initially it was guitar, and later electronic music was taken away. It was influenced by artists such as Donato Dozzy, Aphex Twin, Sandwell District, Dino Sabatini, Substance aka DJ Pete and others. Alfredo's musical style is diverse but mostly focused on ambient and dip techno.

In 2015, Mazzilli released the first EP "Voices from the Narrow Ways" label, Planet Rhythm, which was later followed by Truth or Consequences on the second EP "Pensiero" label, and its works are also published on the labels such as Weekend Circuit, Edit Select Records, Lanthan. audio, etc.

Baltra - G2 is a resident American DJ and producer who has become popular since last two years with the "Fade Away". His first release was released in 2014 by American Label Safer At Night, which was based on the tech hue genre, and its subsequent work was mainly focused on the Lo-fi and Deep House sound. The debut album "No Regrets" was published in 2017 on Label Of Paradise. Baltra's EPs are also published on the labs as Step (Step Recordings sublay), 96 And Forever Records, Tape Throb Records, IDNK and Lost Palms (Shall Not Fade Sublay).

L8 - Luca Metreveli project, which combines the multi-subculture of the house and electric power. You can meet many of the classics: Classic, Dub, Tech, Acid, Lo-Fi, Deep, Break-Beat and Funk. The artist connects with the name of new initiatives, goals and desires. He said the name is well-worn and magnetic in terms of attributes and vibrations that he needs at this stage of life.


Luka Metreveli


Fabrizio Lapiana


Judas aka JUDAΣ


Alfredo Mazzilli




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