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Сб 27 янв 23:00-09:00



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KHIDI Vakhushti Bagrationi Bridge, Right Embankment

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О событии

Berika - one of the musical projects of Irakli Berikashvili, whose direction is mainly characterized as an industrial drain techno. The artist has been the owner of the ELECTRONAUTS's Eldroneauts in 2015, becoming the owner of "E-Mail". Berika's debut EP "Untold" was released on Future Records in 2014 and released by debut album "Far Silence Alegory" in the summer of 2015. It also belongs to the digital EP "Day Is Dying" issued on Konkrezept. In 2016 Berika founded the Georgian Label Icontrax, whose first collection included her work "Karavangel".

Liza Rivs - Liza Basilaia, Georgian DJ and Producer living in Paris. A significant period of musical development, as DJ has spent in Georgia. His debut on the big stage took place at the Tbilisi Open Air / AlterVision Festival in 2016, after which he played in other clubs such as CAFE-GALLERY, SALT, etc. In 2017 he became one of the first officers in the Boeing Room in Georgia, which took place at the CAFE-GALLERY, after which he became a resident of the same club. Liza DJ sees are oriented on techno, psychedelic techno and indie dens. His style is a harmonious blend of different sounds. Lisa's musical tastes have played a big role in the killing, such as kill the dj, Multi Culti, Les disques de la mort. It also creates music and plans to publish it in the future.

SHNGL - Acho Shengelia's techno project, which appeared on stage in 2016. Her debut 4 track EP "Useless Techiques" was released on 16th January 2018 at Label DRVMS LTD, Concept of Thrill and published by "Chaos".


Irakli Berika


Acho Shengelia



Liza Basilaia


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