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Пт 18 янв 23:59-08:00


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250 - 350 грн

Ул. Нижнеюрковская 31

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We hope you are all well rested and ready to kick next year off with a bang! For our first Friday session we wanted to interweave the Libertine Records spirit with some sacred geometry, specifically - phi

This time around prepare for two exceptional diggers that explore the deepest crevices of sound. Their selection bears many facades of the obscure, subduing the mind and taking control of the neurons. These labels galvanize our hearts and and invigorate our ears, it is about time these artists made their debut within the cosy walls of Closer!

Please give a warm, Kyiv, welcome to Sbri Libertine & Evano!

We will be dropping more info soon!

Peace, love & beyond...





ElectronicaDub TechnoAmbient





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