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Drum & BassBreakes

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Derrick & Tonika – Ukrainian drum & bass duo. Started to make tunes together in 2006 and have 12" releases on Architecture (UK), forthcoming 12" on Soundtrax (UK), digital releases on Rubik (UK), Fokuz (Nl), Medschool (UK), Camino Blue (GE). 
In Ukraine, they are one of the most prominent d&b djs, producers and promoters. Jointly with Max NRG organized FUNKMASTERS group, and DRUMWORKS PROMO agency (with support of Andriy Chebenyak: www.dnb.in.ua). Thank to their activity, Ukraine was visited by many big names of the world drum & bass stage. 
They also co-founded "DNBSession Music" - Ukrainian drum & bass label to release tunes by Ukrainian producers. Derrick is a real master of his craft, the entire Ukrainian dnb scene admires his technical performances. Tonika - the first Drum And Bass lady in Ukraine! She is the author of the "Tender Session" project. The concept of this project is live music accompaniment to her drum and bass set. Now these are successful and popular performances with saxophone (Martyn Tverdun), flute (Igor Lomaga), violin (Maryan Lomaga), grunt-horn (Vitaliy Gava) and with participation of the actors from modern theatre 'Voskresinnya'. 
Tonika together with DJ Derrick composed several successful tracks under the title Derrick&Tonika "I Love You" and "Lhotse". Spring 2008 was marked by the release of Ukrainian product at the world scene as it appeared on Defcom - well known British label!

Drum & Bass

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Drum & Bass Парад at FESTrepublic

Вс 07 янв 22:00-06:00

Alix Perez (London, UK) at FESTrepublic. club

Сб 10 мар 22:00-06:00

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