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Музыкальный лейбл, промо-группа, эстетика в музыке и культуре

JAZZVE is a wordplay with jazz. Jazz is concentrated dark matter and energy of the sound, which broke out, literally exploded in the beginning of XX century, giving birth to the whole universe of contemporary music.

Trying to understand and realize this entropical vibration and groove, surfing on the crest of this unrestrained expansion of sound waves - the main idea of the project.

Actually, no: we just share the good music produced by our mates

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АННОУ X Jazzve

Пт 16 фев 23:59-06:00

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Компания звукозаписи
Компания звукозаписи
Компания звукозаписи
Компания звукозаписи

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