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Soul Culture

Soul Culture – it’s a Love for Music, which unites us in a big Family. Events aimed for awakening and new perception of electronic music.

It’s a space, where combined a music from sunny deep-house at Burning Man to Romanian minimal or Berlin downtempo.

It’s a community which unites people with different views and here they can feel themselves free. Atmosphere of Love, Happiness and honest emotions.

Прошедшие события

Soul Серенады at Gnezdo

Сб 13 янв - Вс 14 янв

Soul Serenades at depstor friendly bar (Kharkiv)

Сб 03 мар - Вс 04 мар

Soul Serenades: Frolov (Gnezdo, Kyiv)

Пт 23 мар - Пт 23 мар

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