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Vadim Griboedov


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Obsessive electronic imprint based somewhere in Ukraine

Previous theories of personality have introduced the concepts of ego states, complexes, subsystems, subpersonalities and subselves. A series of postulates and corollaries are proposing that your personality is the evolving mosaic of beliefs, values, talents, limitations, memories, reflexes, priorities, fears, perceptions and habits that makes you unique among all living and dead humans.

Each subself is semi-independent, has its own goals, gifts, limits and experiences the world uniquely. Each subself can ally with, ignore, distrust, respect, scorn or conflict with every other subself.

Your inner family of subselves can range between harmonious and purposeful to chaotic and unfocused, depending on who leads it locally and over time. The goal of Subself Records is to satisfy and rearrange all of the listener's subselves. Structural, developmental, psychopathological and psychotherapeutic implications are discussed.


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