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Worn Pop is a music organization based in Kiev and was formed by Nikita Netrebko in 2013 to develop Ukrainian coldwave movement by doing shows with guests from abroad, as well as managing and releasing artists coming from the local scene.

"At first the goal was to develop the coldwave scene in Ukraine. Not only to bring famous artists of the genre, but also to discover new names, and to draw attention to and develop local music. I started to invite artists from Europe and put local artists into the lineups, focusing on the general image of the event, and not just the headliners," Nikita states.

The first releases were produced in 2014 on cassettes and CD's and were basically full DIY from recording at home till cutting cassette tape and assembling them back and were selling mostly offline.

Later we stretch their genre palette a lot, but saved own image where all artists in rooster or line-up fit each other by mood and overall atmosphere. Being concentrated mostly on booking shows in 2015 - 2017 Worn Pop became well-known in Ukraine and through out some music scenes in Europe.

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Компания звукозаписи

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