Sint Pieterstraat 110, 8880 Ledegem, Бельгия



(329) 216-85-55

О месте

Cirque Magique is an electronic music festival in Ledegem, Belgium. Stepping onto the festival site, you'll notice this isn't your standard party. 

Acrobats and mysterious beings roam the grounds and the festival is, like the name suggests, magic. Brining a carnival theme into the house and techno festival, Cirque Magique is a surreal experience.

With gourmet food, unique stage production and a lineup of some of the top underground house and techno DJs, everything is set to take you into an immersive world of intrigue.

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Cirque Magique Festival

Пт 04 авг 20:00 - Вс 06 авг 23:00

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