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Вт 15 сен 22:00-06:00


Чт 15 окт 23:00-06:00

Party / Vinyl Room w/t Un Guru

Сб 17 июн 22:00-18:00

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Ria Păpădia

This is the best place to have some legendary fun! It's friendly, it's diverse (musical speaking but also regarding the public/events), it has personality, an amazing sound system, 2 bars, a perfect ventilation (trust me it matters) and a menu that can satisfy any guilty thirsty (alcoholic) wish. Oh, forgot to mention the bartenders and the girls working there. (:
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Guillermo Aguiar Esteban

The club is really cool, the DJ played really good stuff and the saxophone playing along the music.... Just brilliant! They charge you 15 Lei (3£) for the entrance but it worth it and the drinks inside are really cheap, you can have beers from 6.9 lei (1.5£). We went on Monday and the club had a nice atmosphere.
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Răzvan-Petru Zinca

This is one of my go to places if I'm looking to fave a great night. Very diverse genres of music( depending on the event).
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Cosmin Bury

I was here only once, and apparently at a low crowd night, like Hal's of the club was luckily a group that was celebrating the birthday of one of them. The club itself wants to be something fancy, but I don't see why. I was at a hip hop event night, but it was awful... the DJ 2as not feeling the vibe of the crowd, the sound quality was not good, the music at one point stoped because of a defect. The prices are reasonable for a place like this and with it's position. Maybe in another night, when the students are in town, it would be better, but for my personal experience it was awful.
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Silviana Cimpian

The new Flying Circus location is net superior to the previous one! The place looks great, the toilets are much better and there's two rooms with different music to pick from. Another surprise was the big variety of craft beers on the menu, at more than acceptable prices. I'd say that currently this is among the best picks for a weekend night out, partying.
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967 м. Strada Călărașilor 1, Cluj-Napoca 400167, Румыния

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Club Midi

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